• Services

    Business Networking

    ORCA promotes small and medium businesses within the Romanian community by encouraging mentoring and networking amongst our members. The individuals in the community participating in business networking are not businesses helping businesses, but friends with businesses helping friends. Registered ORCA members have access to our mentoring program as well as all of our social and charity events.

    New Emigrants Help Center

    The ORCA Help Center is a non-profit organization based in Ontario providing free services to new emigrants. One of its key objectives is to welcome, settle, and help integrate newly-arrived families, not only into ORCA, but into the broader community irrespective of affiliation. The New Emigrants Help Center helps promote our message that it takes the efforts of everyone in the community to create thriving opportunities for each other, and the New Emigrants Help Center offers a way for the newest members of the community to give back in their own way.


    ORCA provides charitable donations to many organizations that support our mission of improving the Romanian-Canadian community


    ORCA is dedicated to spreading the appreciation and awareness of Romanian culture, food, and traditions during our cultural and social events held throughout the year. The diversity of local entertainers and Romanian artists represents the cultural heart of the Romanians.

    The Social Committee also works with children’s programs, like pre-schools and private education, shows (theatre, musicals), activities for both men and women, picnics, bingo nights, and religious organizations.


    The Ontario Romanian Canadian Association promotes men, women, and youth sports, including the staffing of professional and volunteer administrators, volunteer coaches, and professional or volunteer officials. ORCA also promotes these leagues within the community and utilizes this opportunity to enrich the lives of our participants as we spread the messages of grace and integrity through sports. Currently, ORCA supports sports networks in Soccer, Martial Arts, Dancing, and Gymnastics.

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