• Youth Group

    ORCA’s mission is to build a strong Romanian community, just like other ethnic-based groups in Ontario. There’s no good reason why Romanians can’t be more united, and we’re hoping that the younger members of our community will contribute to this effort with their youthful energy and social skills. The timing is good; the community has grown and matured over the last decade and there are many active interest groups including youth (students’ associations, cultural, sports etc.)

    ORCA has a number of different but intertwined interest groups: Events, Business, Social Media, Marketing and we’re trying to create a dynamic and fun Youth group in order to include the next generations into the Romanian community life. Canada’s melting pot does wonders mixing various ethnic groups and cultures and we understand that, but you will notice how each ethnic group makes an effort to retain certain cultural heritage that makes them unique and enriches the Canadian cultural mix. Without a strong Youth group, we will not be able to offer such contribution from the Romanian community in the long run.

    ORCA Youth Group comprises of Romanian Canadian students, professionals and entrepreneurs who are devoted to their community and dedicated to ORCA’s vision, mission and values. By becoming a volunteerĀ register as a youth member, you will acquire important skills and learn more about our culture. Whether you are in school or just entering the workforce, you can greatly benefit from networking with other committee members as well as numerous ORCA business partners and associates. Moreover, ORCA has plans to implement scholarship programs in the near future.

    ORCA Youth Group is the key to a successful and united Romanian community. Please let us know if you would like to be part it, and/or please forward this invitation to any young Romanians who you think could fit well into this core team. The aim is to have enough representation to be able to reach as many young Romanians and bring them into the community life.

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