• Picnic AREC and ORCA

    Saturday, June 13, 2015


    AREC & ORCA Picnic

    AREC & ORCA Picnic


    Once again, we invite you and your family at the annual AREC & ORCA Summer Picnic! Let’s spend an unforgettable day, get to know each other, strengthen friendships and participate in big numbers to games and sport activities! We hope that you all attend in big numbers and that AREC & ORCA Summer Picnic will become a tradition in the years to come.


    Date: Saturday, June 13th, 2015

    Time: 11:30am – 9PM

    Location: Simeon Park (aka: Magna Park) 13190 Woodbine Ave. Bethesda, ON, L0H 1G0

    NOTE: Please note there is a $5.00 fee to enter the park per vehicle.



    We recommend that you bring beach chairs, foldable chairs, food & drinks as you like.

    Magna Park does allocate a big BBQ for us, however should you wish to grill, you may bring your own meat/food.

    We have organized a dozen of fun activities and invite you to register in advance. Simply send an email to the person in charge of that activity; see name and email next to the activity below:



    Basketball à contact Rares Gosman: rares@outlook.com

    Backgammon à contact Stefan Tiptis: stiptis@yahoo.com

    Soccer à contact Florin Oprea: florinoprea64@gmail.com

    Ping-pong à contact Narcis Blidaru: narcisb67@yahoo.com &  Alberto Tihan: albertot@2012orca.org

    Leg Tenis à contact Emil Caraghin: ecaraghin@yahoo.ca & & Bogdan Stanescu: bogdans@2012orca.org

    Badminton à contact Cristiana Gosman: cristiana.gosman@gmail.com

    Volleyball à contact Emil Caraghin: ecaraghin@yahoo.ca

    Tennis à contact Teo Ivanovici: doruiv@gmail.com & & Angela Johnson: ajohnson@medicalconfidence.com

    Czech – volunteers needed

    Face painting – volunteers needed

    Swimming pool – open for everyone


    Want to participate in a different activity? Please submit your suggestion to AREC at seminar@arec.ca or to ORCA at albertot@2012orca.org with AREC & ORCA Summer Picnic in the subject line until June 6th, 2015.


    We hope to see you in big numbers!!