• IA Festival Canada

    When : June 19th - 28th


    IA Festival

    IA Festival

    The IA Day celebration started in 2013 at the initiative of La Blouse Roumaine community from Romania and it quickly grew to be adopted in many countries around the world: people from 109 towns in 48 countries on six continents have organized 143 events!

    To celebrate IA Day, Tradicious started IA festival in Toronto in 2014, to share with you a selection of the most delicate and beautiful handmade Romanian blouses.

    The first edition of IA festival was very well received by the Canadian public, the number of guests exceeded the capacity of the venue and the interest on the social media exceeded our expectations. This year, we are aiming a little higher! ORCA has partnered with Tradicious and prepared a special festival for you, with special guest GrigoreLeșe‬!



    Tickets & Info: www.festivaluliei.ca

    Facebook Page: www.facebook.com/IAFestival