• CN Tower Climb

    25 October, 2012

    On Sunday, October 21st, 2012 nine members of the ORCA Youth Team met at 7:00am to take part in this challenging yet heart-warming event: climbing the 1,776 stairs to the top! As they arrived at registration, they witnessed hundreds of people gathered in order to undertake this same challenge.

    Once the ORCA Youth Team had their T-shirts on and all was ready to unfold, they started to make their way to the CN Tower – not sans pictures and filming however, all performed by ORCA president, Bogdan Stanescu . After passing through security check, they entered the tower…

    Having arrived at the bottom of the stairs, via the electronic device provided as a wrist watch, they recorded the starting time, one by one, as they each made their way up the stairs. 20 floors… breathing started to deepen, you could feel your heart starting to work – harder! 50 floors… you are not getting any more rested and realize you have barely completed one-third of the climb! 80 floors… oh, it’s hard. It’s really hard. 100 floors… who didn’t celebrate their 100th floor?! And slowly, little by little, simply putting one foot in front of the other – the 144 floors got accomplished!

    Sweaty, tired, aching muscles, heart racing – and thirsty – once again the ORCA Youth Team members recorded their finishing times after the 144th floor. And four floors later, they entered the top – where rest, water and an amazing view of the city awaited them! Celebration, laughter and pictures were in order!!!

    They are all so proud, knowing that – 100% of the funds raised for their climb – are going to United Way!!!

    Go ORCA Youth !!! Keep smiling, keep raising !!!


    Iacob, Mihai

    Mitu, Vlad

    Petrisor, Laura

    Sprinceana, I. Luisa

    Coman, Valentin

    Culinescu, Constantin

    Iosif, Dan

    Siretanu, Veronica

    Solovastru, Andrei

    Voinicu, Tavi


    Sponsors: 60

    Total raised for United Way: $1606